System Integration

Do you feel like your data sits siloed in your many business applications? Does it seem as if having a 365-degree view of your customers in a single application is out of reach? Are your sales representatives or customer services agents wasting time digging through outdated systems? Does it take too long to ramp up new hires in your organization because of all the applications? Do you wish your SAAS product and CRM would communicate? These are problems we love to solve, so let us help!

At FLOK we know how important and how powerful integrating business data can be. How meaningful it is for a sales representative, while on-site with a customer, to be able to login into their mobile application, pull up an account, and see all the customer's related order history and order statuses. Or for a Customer Support Agent to know exactly who's calling and what products they may be calling about, even before the customer can say hello. That's the power of integrated data, and that's what FLOK can help you achieve. 

Many organizations associate integrations with major investment. Time, money, people, etc... While this can be true, FLOK can help tailor a specific integration solution that best fits your budget, schedule, and requirements. We can also supplement the necessary resources to help alleviate the burden on your internal teams. So you can get the solution you need to run your business without having to overcommit resources.

To be successful you really need a partner who can listen to your needs, ask the insightful questions, understand your current systems landscape, and provide recommendations that not only meet the requirements of today but also lay a strong foundation for the future. Let us prove we can be that partner by scheduling a free strategy session today. 

"They recently helped us implement an integration between Salesforce and our SaaS product – enabling us to launch a free software trial. From collaborating with us to defining the spec to working closely with our dev team to ensure the integration performed as expected, FLOK covers all the bases to deliver results."    
-Marketing Director at Shiftboard